Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNoWriMo, my first 278 words:

A grape happened to be resting on the tablecloth when Mrs. Keller entered the room. Jeremy had left it there, and now was gone. Outside, a snowman had been built by local children. Some of them spoke English, but they all spoke Spanish. Some had never seen snow before. The mother of one of them was forced to work three jobs to support her children. One of these jobs was at a hotel, another at a bakery, and the third, her main job, was in the customer service department at Best Buy. She didn't know her coworkers well, but they admired her. Reggie, the eldest coworker, admired her more than he admired anyone. He often told her about his brother, who had been to Vietman—not in the war, just on vacation one year in the late eighties. He had brought back a souvenir Buddha statue for Reggie, who now kept it on his desk, next to a framed photo of his three daughters in ski outfits. They weren't very good skiers, but they tried. To be fair, they rarely had a chance to practice, so many of their hours were filled with various clubs, lessons, sports, parties, play rehearsals, and other activities. Of the three daughters, the youngest, Audrey, was the finest playwright. She had written five plays by the age of fourteen, and now was working on her sixth. It was about a friend who had moved away with her family when the two girls were in fifth grade. It was the first of Audrey's plays to be based on true events. After that, all of her plays would be based on true events, personal experiences.

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