Friday, February 5, 2010

I don't know how many novels I'm reading right now. I'm completely out of control. I just started this one. It's funny and I can tell I like it right away. It came out in 1959. The naturalness and ease and intelligence of the humor is something that seems to be rare now.

Recently I started sleeping with stacks of books on my bed. Right now there are five small stacks on my bed, though I will move one to my chair when I go to bed, leaving four on the bed. I've found that it's much easier to fall asleep if I don't make too big a deal out of my bedtime routine. Ideally I would just flop down on the bed the minute I start to nod off while sitting at my computer or watching TV. But teeth must be brushed, alarms must be set, etc., so there is some routine left but not as extensive as it used to be. Leaving all the books on the bed simulates what would happen if I were to do as I ideally would like to, which as I just said is to fall asleep on the bed without a preparatory routine. Also, I leave my lamp on now. I've always left the TV on, with the sound muted. And I turn on my radio to WQXR very softly, which I set on the chair next to my bed along with my phone (which doubles as my main alarm), a stack of books, a roll of paper towels (in case I see a bug and need a ready weapon, though I haven't seen one in many months thank god), and the TV remote. This chair by my bed is actually the chair I'm sitting on now. It's my only chair, and right now it's not by my bed but in front of my computer. The difference is only about two feet.

And to think—I used to try to sleep without any light at all. That didn't last long.


I just started listening to Radiolab, the WNYC show. It's a cool science show with slick editing and really cool music and sounds.

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