Thursday, February 25, 2010


When reading a book where people are having a long conversation, uninterrupted dialogue without any description of what the characters are doing physically, do you invent physical actions for the characters, like walking across a room, sitting down, leaning on a table, etc., or do you just read the dialogue and picture the characters standing still the whole time (if it's not otherwise noted)?

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  1. Sometimes movement is implied in the language, like if a character yells, "what are you running away for, huh, you think you can just get yourself a glass of whatever-that-is and just ignore me while I'm talking to you?"

    But if what you're saying is that there's no description via prose or dialogue, then I'd say I still imagine something, but it becomes much more personalized. If the character is arguing, then I'd imagine what I do when I argue, etc. Also, if the dialogue is really sharp and unique, then the reader will get a good enough idea of who that person is to imagine what they might be doing.

    Either way, it must take a good writer to pull something like that off well.