Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who wants to read Henry Green with me?

So basically what I'm proposing here is an extremely informal online book club. I've been meaning to read Henry Green for a long time. The first one I've decided to read is Back. What I was thinking is that maybe someone else out there who has been wanting to read Henry Green, or this book in particular, would like to read it at the same time as me. Then, I don't know, we could talk about it as we go along, or something. Or not. Maybe we wouldn't talk about it. Maybe that would be best. Or you could talk and I could just listen. Or you could talk to each other, if there's more than one of you, and I could listen to that. And by talking, I mean, writing comments online, on here or your blog or Twitter or whatever. This is starting to sound kind of dumb. It's very probable no one will want to do it, which I understand. We're all busy doing things and reading other books. I know I am. Anyway, it was just an idea. Maybe you could read the book without even telling me, so that you're a member of the club only in your mind, and I'm unaware of your existence altogether. Maybe that would be best. But really, if you are interested in doing this—reading the book, telling me you're reading the book, and talking about the book to me or with me—then by all means go ahead, I welcome anyone. I plan to start reading Back as soon as I finish reading Stoner, by John Williams, which should be within the week. I'll let you know.



  1. I don't know whether you've already started with this, but I suggest beginning with Living, Loving and Party Going, then Back, then Pack My Bag, and if you're not worn out, the other trilogy and Surviving should do it. Back is good but a little small compared to the first three.

  2. i have living, loving, party going, in a musty old copy i got a long time ago. i should have known better than to buy that copy though--every time i open it up my eyes start to water and i may or may not sneeze. i think i'll have to find a newer copy. in the meantime, i found this copy of back, the handsome edition published by dalkey just a couple years ago, so i thought, why not, i don't mind starting with an author's "minor" works--this way you don't have to worry about it going "downhill from here".

    on the same day, i bought i capture the castle. also british, also from the 40s. that's my current nostalgia focus right now, apparently.