Thursday, April 22, 2010

Someone is wrong in real life as well as the internet

Just when you thought the internet was safe for feminists (ha, I know you didn't think that, unless it was wishful thinking), something like this comes up. (It was in response to this.) Emblematic of the whiny, pea-brained defensiveness found in many of the comments is this gem from "jereme":

gene did not try to push his bullshit ideology on you. he simply
constructed a statue of what he feels.

you on the other hand, have 14 assholes and a belly bulging with

why are you being uptight about this.


A lot of the commenters argue that "gender doesn't matter", just "good writing", that an editor is supposed to be "gender-blind". This line of (ahem) reasoning reminds me very much of conservative politicians who complain about "liberal activist judges", who say that a judge's job is to "call balls and strikes". (If you want to know why that's bullshit, ch-check out this great op-ed from a University of Chicago law professor.)

P.S. Thank you, Amy King.

P.P.S. from Daniela over at Pomo Expo: head/desk or htmlgiantfail (a cento)


  1. That Jereme comment really takes the cake. It's so hateful and stupid it's funny and sickening in equal measures.

  2. from what i've seen, this is typical of him.