Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hear, hear!

"WHAT the FUCK is the big deal with PRIVACY on Facebook? Facebook is not a private world, it's very much not. If you want to BITCH about privacy why not go to city hall and complain about all the fucking video cameras. You can't buy a fucking battery for your radio or have sex in the park without a fucking camera on you. I'm irritated with the DON'T LOOK AT ME, I'M ON THE INTERNET!"



  1. It's not that clear cut. This move clearly isn't to keep others' eyes off you. And there absolutely is information on Facebook that is private and should be kept so, especially from marketers.

  2. what move?

    what information? why are you so afraid of marketers?

  3. The move by the ACLU and others to pressure Facebook to keep their privacy settings, and keep them as simple as possible.

    No one said anything about fear.

  4. if you don't like facebook, get off facebook.

  5. So it's one of those, "If you're not with us, you're against us" scenarios.

  6. "if you don't like _____, get off of ______."

    Pretty clear.

  7. oh i see. you seem to be confusing facebook with something that's actually important.

  8. No, not I'm not "confusing" anything. I'll admit that it's a rather absurd analogy, however.
    Privacy is important to some people. And even if their priorities might be misplaced as to which privacy they're fighting for, don't they still have the right to sign a petition stating that they'd rather not have facts they've typed onto a site they've believed to be private made public? I guess the other question worth asking as a starting point here might be whether you think facebook is important, or whether it's easy and possible for someone to just get off of facebook if they don't like it.

    This brings up an interesting point: should we assume everything we put on the Internet is public? This would have to include everything that we assume to be secure and private, too, such as email, CC information, bank info, etc. And the more tangential question of how important petitioning is in bringing political and social issues to the fore.

    Again, I agree that there are MANY more important fights to be had -- I'd be hard-pressed to disagree, in fact -- but signing a petition takes a few seconds (enabling us to then move on to "bigger and better"), and the issue I take with the quote, that of over-simplifying the idea that of the Public Internet where nothing is private...

  9. this is exhausting. i'm plum tuckered!

  10. Chiming in super late here, but I agree with you, Matt.

    People in this country SHOULD expect a level privacy from the government. 4th Amendment.

    However, if you willingly PUBLISH something on the internet, I don't see how much privacy you should expect. Yes, if you enter into a contract with a company, that company should hold up its end of the bargain. However, I doubt most of those complaining even read that agreement with facebook in the first place. I'm curious to see how the class action suit plays out.

    As for marketers using the information to create *smart* ads? Oh the horror! Advertisements for products I might actually be interested in?? Oh noes! Companies being efficient in their advertising, thus reducing their overhead costs allowing them to reduce prices in the long run? How awful! *psst* they've already been doing this for years at your neighborhood grocery store.