Saturday, May 15, 2010

Poetry IRL

Went to see and hear Elisa Gabbert, Chris Tonelli, and Christopher Salerno read poems. It (the weather) was hot, and it (the reading) was too. This, and talking to Elisa, and to Leigh, these were things that were good for my mental health. Talking to people in person is just better than talking to them online, even when talking to people online is great. Good thing I live where I do, the place where everyone ends up eventually.

Reading is all about living vicariously through other people, fictional or non-fictional. I'd rather live through myself. Someone else can write about me, then other people can read it and live vicariously through me. That would be preferable. And movies/tv are preferable to reading because they make it easier to live vicariously, through sight and sound, not just words. But being "IRL" is preferable to movies. It's an interactive, participatory movie, the best kind.

On the way home, colored pencils, abandoned


  1. thanks for explaining the oil leak

  2. no problem. it's the kind of information that comes in handy if you ever feel like lying awake at night, racked with anxiety concerning our species' imminent doom. good times.