Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I learned a new game

from Elisa Gabbert. She explains it thusly:

My brother and I and some of our other friends at Rice (Robo, Baseman, Kylec) made up a game called the Mizoovie Game Part II that we used to play all the time. It goes like this: One player names two movies, and the other players try to name a third movie that includes an actor from each. For example, if I say Star Wars and Ghost, the answer is Soap Dish (Carrie Fisher + Whoopi Goldberg). There may be other answers, but you have to have something in mind from the beginning; you can't just throw out two random movies as there may not be a solution.

This is a great car game. It works best when you know the other players have seen a lot of the same movies as you, and if you use movies with ensemble casts, because there are more possible permutations. (If you use movies that only have two significant roles each, there are only four possible combinations.)

It's a hard game for people who have trouble keeping track of a lot of information in their heads. Like me. But it's fun to make up the questions. I'm reminded of the fun I had writing the crossword puzzle for my high school paper.

See how well you do with these...

Dangerous Liaisons & The 40-Year-Old Virgin

American Beauty & Fargo

The Seventh Seal & Hoosiers


  1. Being John Malkovich

    The Usual Suspects?

    Haven't seen the movies in #3...but isn't Gene Hackman in Hoosiers?

  2. 1) good job

    2) had something else in mind. what's the connection for The Usual Suspects?

    3) gene hackman is in Hoosiers, yes. as are others...

  3. There probably isn't one. I was trying to remember if either William H Macy or Steve Buscemi was in TUS. Perhaps not.

  4. do you give up? if so, i will DM you the answers.

  5. I should be able to get #2. Not giving up quite yet....

  6. i was worried they would be too obvious. but i guess the answer always seems obvious if you're the one who wrote the question.