Sunday, July 25, 2010

And Trekkies will be tickled by the long riff on teleportation, or travel by “beaming up,” a facet of “Star Trek” that has long irritated Mr. Miéville because, in his view, it entails ripping people apart and then piecing them, inadequately, back together.

I don't quite understand this sentence. The "in his view" can't apply to "it entails ripping people apart and then piecing them [...] back together," because that's exactly what the transporter does. It's not "in his view" any more than it's "in his view" that the sky is blue. So "in his view" must only apply to "inadequately". If so, this sentence could have been written better, in my view.

But even then, why does Miéville think it's inadequate? I guess I'll have to read this book to find out, but does he really not understand how the transporter works? Or is he kidding? It would be a sad day indeed when I couldn't tell that someone was kidding about something that I should be able to notice when someone is kidding about.

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