Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last night I went to a bar with a music venue in the basement. (My friend got free tickets.) I pretty much never go to rock concerts. Why are they so loud? If you're really famous, and you've been around a long time, then I can understand, I guess. In that case you're probably playing in a huge auditorium, or outdoors. But if you're playing in a room the size of a 7-11, what's the point? How does it improve the music? I had my fingers in my ears the whole time. Whenever I did uncover my ears, the sound was so blisteringly, horrifyingly loud, I thought everyone was going to end up deaf. But no one else seemed to mind. They were probably half deaf already. And it's not like this was even the type of music that calls for loudness. Even for the "quiet" songs I had my ears covered. At least it was free.

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