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Why are people so paranoid about Facebook Places, and Facebook in general?

If I were more popular and actually hung out with people, I might be worried about Facebook Places. As it is, I'll take all the attention I can get!

Seriously, are people afraid of assassins or something? Is everyone sitting with their backs to the wall at restaurants?

Maybe people just think they're a little bit more important than they really are....

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So in 1998 this movie The Last Days of Disco came out and I thought, I'd like to see that. Twelve years later I got around to it. So good. It's the third movie in Whit Stillman's unofficial "yuppie trilogy". The other two are Metropolitan and Barcelona. These are the only movies he's made. Last night I watched Metropolitan. The writing is so great in these movies. Both also include the very funny Chris Eigeman, whom you might remember from Gilmore Girls and Malcolm in the Middle.

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Looks like I'll have to wait till October to move. It feels like there's something I should be doing. I have that feeling where you're thinking, "I came in this room to do something, now what was it?" Except I'm having that feeling all the time, and not about any specific thing. Job, apartment, girls. If I could just make some progress in one of these areas. It's so hard to find an apartment though. I haven't gotten any responses to the messages I've sent in the past week. I don't want to give notice to my landlord until I'm set with a new place, but it's supposed to be 30 days' notice, so I guess I'll aim for October 1, and respond to every ad for rooms at $500 and under. (This being New York, there aren't that many.)

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I'm tired of this "females only" bullshit in apartment ads. I understand it, but I'm tired of it. If I were posting an ad looking for a roommate, I'd prefer females too, of course. They're cleaner, and even their messes are not as gross as boys' messes. But I wouldn't specify this in the ad. I would just wait until I get responses and then choose any woman who isn't a guy. Discreet discrimination is the way to go.
The other day I was at Subway eating a sandwich. A commercial came on the radio advertising a product to increase a man's "thickness and width". I thought, "Where am I?" Then I thought, "'Thickness and width' is redundant."

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New studies in monkey antagonism

Anonymous said:

Yr another pussy Gallagher. Don't you have some watermelons to smash, or firehose to spray? rules of conduct will do for slate. or salon. or yr favorite lesbian democrat site. Not beat lit.

You think this is like about civility and appeasing the cafe-ahhtistes? Its not, puto. Its about like rage, and glory and not going gently into that not-so-good night, punk. Kerouac on a flatbed. Jack London in alaska. Conrad on a steamer. Dostoyevsky in prison.

Literature not merely for spinsters, or drama queens, haiku-weavers or Sylvia Plath basketcases. If it is, fuck the shit. Capichay?

This almost seems like parody. I mean, how could someone write this in earnest and not realize they sound like an ultra-precious 16-year-old dweeb who just discovered Allen Ginsberg and suddenly thinks of himself as a rebel? But I guess there are a lot of poets like this, who go from being 16 to 22 to 25 to 30 to 50 without maturing beyond the adolescent stage. And eventually they end up spending eight hours a day writing 700-word comments on poetry blogs. At least this one was entertaining.
‎John: I would have said yes, you are being a little deliberately over-sensitive, except that I note, for instance, that you've posted a picture of a condom applicator on your site. In my book, that's in very poor taste.

—Curtis Faville

(Nothing to say about this. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves, you know?)

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I just received an email from Ron Silliman. The situation appears to be more disconcerting than I’d imagined.

In regards to the disappearance of the archive of tens of thousands of comments sent to his blog over the past eight years, many of them grouped in extensive and sometimes insightful discussions around various themes and authors, and many of them contributions polemical, anecdotal, bibliographical, idiosyncratical, etc., from dozens of poets and critics of note, and many others of them from dozens of poets likely to be of greater note down the road:

That he hasn’t “thought about saving them.”

This is truly, breathtakingly, extraordinary.

Kent [Johnson]

Oh yeah. I think we can agree this is basically the worst thing that has ever happened. I mean, this is officially worse than the oil spill. How can we go on living? It truly takes my breath away. Extraordinarily so, in fact. 9/11, Janet Jackson's nipple, and now this. Where will it end?

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