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In (non-exclusive) favor of the quality of apparent effortlessness even when that effortlessness is not effortless

Non-exclusive, because it's not a mandatory thing for me. I'm just saying it's one thing I like sometimes. It's probably not truly effortless, but there is a quality of apparent effortlessness that exists, which I like. What am I thinking of? Ron Padgett, Eileen Myles, Tim Dlugos, sure. But there's also the effortlessness of nonsense, of saying any old thing that comes into your mind, like with Wallace Stevens and John Ashbery and Gertrude Stein and Clark Coolidge. Even though their stuff is very complex, you don't feel like they're trying to make sense. It's nice. It's still not as easy as it looks, I've realized the hard way. Here's a Clark Coolidge poem from Odes of Roba:

Woman Building

Hung out to drain what ties
made sure of his matchless backing
the color alarming, twinkle of Joplin
arrival leveling, the hard arm a verb
astute and laid down the ampule, the aim
of the stool inaccurate, official
as fish in the room

It was Song Day, Jerome unavailing
going as wrapped in papers, strong
then all this thing in belt, tapped
and paid up, a roofing lesson tint
with klaxon and cold

And she moves, and the room holds rule


Anyway, again, this isn't to say that I only like these styles. I like seemingly "effortful" poetry too. I mean, poetry that sounds like it was hard to write, like a lot of Frank O'Hara's stuff. Or 19th-century poetry. I appreciate it at more of a distance, rather than wanting to do it myself, since I know I'm not able to write like that. I mean, I don't mean to say that I think I can write as well as the other people I mentioned above, like Coolidge, just that I can more easily fool myself into thinking that I can. And that's how I write poetry.
The nice thing about a futile crush is that the futility makes it easier to fall asleep. A feeling of resignation to fate is more effective than any sleeping pill.

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Things I'm supposed to like that I don't like

Of all the reasons people give for being against meat, the fact that it's a dead animal is the silliest one. Guess what. We're all gonna be dead animals eventually. And if your carcass happens to end up in a place where other carnivorous creatures can get to it, they won't hesitate to make a meal out of you. Sorry to bring bad news, but there it is.

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Can you read in your room? Books, I mean? I can't. I can only read away from home. This wasn't always true. Especially at night. I simply cannot read at night at home. When I'm at home at night, I'm looking at a screen. Period. I can't listen to music in my room either, unless I'm also doing something else like dressing or doing stuff online.

Things I'm supposed to like that I do in fact like

•Charlie Rose
•Sleater Kinney
•Werner Herzog
•Emily Dickinson
•Corn on the cob
•Spending all day at the beach (to take pictures)
•Macs and iPods

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said the lady in the background of a picture I took of a guy smoking on Maiden Lane. I said nothing, walked away. Then I turned around to see if she was looking at me. She immediately lifted her bag to hide her face and scurried away across the street. Darn, I should have said, now I can't sell your picture to TMZ! (A man on Avenue C once expressed suspicion that I worked for TMZ.) Regular people imagining they're celebrities. Gotta love it. Speaking of regular people, check out Bruce Gilden at work. He's sort of a paparazzo for nobodies like you and me:

"Why are men afraid of astrology?" and "Why are some people afraid of Flarf?" are two paraphrased examples from real life of people asking why someone is afraid of something. But why does not liking something or being against something mean you're afraid of it? I'm not a fan of seafood, but that doesn't mean I'm afraid of it. (I mean, I am afraid of most things that live under the sea, but once they're on land and dead I'm no longer afraid.) Another thing is homophobia. This isn't a real "phobia", is it? I mean, I'm pretty sure a homophobe's main emotion is hate, not fear. (Actually, I think "homophobia" really means something more like, for example, a straight guy uncomfortable around other straight guys, such as in a locker room situation, say. The "homo" in "homophobe" isn't "homosexual", it's "same", fear of the same sex, regardless of sexual orientation. But that's another issue. By the way, if anyone thinks this is some kind of defense of homophobes, uh, no. All I'm saying is that their main motivation is hate rather than fear. Which is actually worse.) But anyway, people are always saying things like this, "Why are you afraid, why do you feel threatened", when quite often the dislike is not about fear at all. The dislike might be due to irrational hate and stupidity (in the case of homophobia), or, in the case of astrology, to an opinion, based on a rational, non-fantasy based view of reality, that astrology is just plain baloney.

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Fun fact: people who sleep 5 to 7 hours a night live longer than those who sleep 8 or 9.
"It helps to remember the old adage about doctors - only fifty percent of them graduated in the top fifty percent of their class." --an old adage

Sounds nice but of course it means nothing. "Only fifty percent of NBA players are the 50% best pro basketball players." So does that mean that those in the bottom half are bad at basketball? Even the player with the worst stats in the league is better at basketball than 99.9% of the human population.

So, western medicine is a good thing, is what I'm saying here.
I've got your back but I want your front too.

Things that annoy me

1) White people who make a point of saying "African-American"...

2) Poetry that consists of a few random words splattered across the page.

3) The idea that being dismissive about such poetry is a bad thing.

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I can't stop thinking about you. I wish I could tell you.

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Is Google Instant more A) pointless or B) annoying?
"The people who have been jerks to me in the past have all been men, therefore all men are jerks" is a logical fallacy, just so you know.

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