Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Gainsbourg movie was good. I like that it didn't try to be too factual. It gave you the broad strokes of his life in a stylized way and a note from the director at the end says something about how he likes Gainsbourg's lies better than his truths. In any case I narcissistically identified with the character in a big way. It's weird being on a first date with a (French) woman watching a movie about a (French) ladies' man. Talk about a hard act to follow.
I don't get why people like poetry so much. Is it really that interesting?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When I saw the poster for this I thought it was a documentary: the colon in the title fooled me. But that's okay, it looks cool anyway. I'll be seeing it this weekend.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celebrity sightings, a(n in[?])complete list

After my recent close encounter with Parker Posey, I thought it would be a good idea to write down the list of celebrities I've seen in real life. In more or less reverse chronological order:

Parker Posey — West Village
John Turturro — West Village
Madeline Zima — N, Q or R train
Michelle Williams — West Village
Jackie Mason — Midtown
Spike Lee — Upper East Side
John Cameron Mitchell — 1 train
Mike Myers — Lower East Side
Julianna Margulies — 1 train
Michael Musto — West Village
Rita Rudner — Central Park
Richard Belzer — Upper West Side
Bill Maher — Midtown

There were also a few questionable ones, with odds between 20-80% that they were who I thought they might be. People's faces get less distinct as they get older, which is what accounts for the uncertainty:

Steven Wright — Columbus Circle
Michael McKean — 1 train
Steven Spielberg — Central Park

Then there was one that fell in the gray area of celebrities seen in public, but in close proximity to an event they were attending in their capacity as a celebrity. In other words, I don't count people I see at premieres of their own movies (Miranda July, Sally Potter) or book signings (tons of people), but if I happen to see the person just outside the event, and if I'm not aware of and/or interested in the event, I'm inclined to count it as a sighting (Michelle Williams). Well, one time I was exiting the Union Square Barnes & Noble and as I passed through the doorway Bernadette Peters brushed by me on her way in to do a book signing. So, clearly she was there in her capacity as a celebrity, but it wasn't an event I had known about ahead of time, and it could be argued that the doorway is not technically the location of the book-signing event, which took place on the 4th floor. So you see, it's a gray area. Fortunately this is the only time I've had to deal with this problem, so it's a short list, but here it is:

Bernadette Peters — Union Square