Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I finished two books today but I only liked one of them. The one I liked is The Nervous Filaments by David Dodd Lee. It's one of those nights I feel like coming apart for old reasons. Watching TV helps but I am doing this also, writing. I like writing this. I like this book because it stretches things out. It puts one non sequitur after another and leaves out connecting words, but puts in space between most lines to help your brain out a little, like making sure the mashed potatoes don't touch the peas don't touch the whatever. The space makes the lines more solid. Your brain is welcome to try to fill in the gaps but knows it doesn't really have to and laughs. It's not linear stuff here. But it's not random either. At least I say that and it feels possible enough to be possible and is therefore true. The other book I finished today has a lot of non sequiturs that are boring. A lot of muddy nothing in both ideas and language. Much poetry is of that kind. This book, the good one, on the other hand, is not muddy but clear and open. I feel better already, almost put back together. (It won't last, but oh well.) Here is a representative poem from the book:


The menu looks fine

it's just there's a fly in that woman's sangria

a pair of crotchless
panties left under my windshield wiper

a baby differentiating
between self and a lime-green


They put one head right on top of the other

his eyes grew wild as two bird cages

the taste of something awful . . .

I know I woke up
and the sun was staring at me

Orange Juice

it's all about packaging

And the mockingbird knows something at 2 a.m.

The Riddler
Don Adams

Monks chanting in the alley

it wasn't at all like yesterday

she spoke as if from the top of a mountain

pubic hair on my cheek
and the crazy thing

unhooking its nozzle inside her

Friday, October 7, 2011

What are the bases?

Amorously speaking, I mean. I have never known what first, second, and third base are supposed to be. It seems to me there are more than four levels of sexual contact anyway. Thoughts?