Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coca-Cola 125th anniversary event, Terre Haute, IN, 11.21.11

Friday, November 4, 2011

Buy some books from me

Before I sell these to a store, I thought I'd try to sell them myself in order to make more money. Let me know if you want to buy any. I'm selling them for half price.


Waifs and Strays — Micah Ballard
Standing in Line for the Beast — Jason Bredle
Pain Fantasy — Jason Bredle
drift — Kevin Connolly
Who's Who Vivid — Matt Hart
Ordinary Sun — Matthew Henriksen
Spinoza Doesn't Come Here Anymore — Colette Inez
Darlington's Fall — Brad Leithauser
Hallelujah Blackout — Alex Lemon
The New Year of Yellow — Matthew Lippman
Hecate Lochia — Hoa Nguyen
The Comeback's Exoskeleton — Matthew Rotando
The Girl Without Arms — Brandon Shimoda
Walking the Black Cat — Charles Simic
Theory of Orange — Rachel M. Simon
To Light Out — Karen Weiser


When the Nines Roll Over — David Benioff
Misconception — Ryan Boudinot
The Dissident — Nell Freudenberger
Platform — Michel Houellebecq
The Blindfold — Siri Hustvedt
As She Climbed Across the Table — Jonathan Lethem
Home Land — Sam Lipsyte
The Comfort of Strangers — Ian McEwan
The Coast of Akron — Adrienne Miller
Everyone's Pretty — Lydia Millet
In the Cut — Susanna Moore