Friday, November 2, 2012

Number of books read in my life, by decade

Pre-20th century: 4
1900's: 1
1910's: 1
1920's: 4
1930's: 2
1940's: 2
1950's: 6
1960's: 21
1970's: 16
1980's: 8
1990's: 31
2000-present: ~150

I can't believe how low some of these numbers are, especially the 80's. But I think my records are pretty accurate. It's embarrassing that I've read more books published in the 21st century than the 20th (only 92). Now that I think about it, there were some children's, young adult's, and Star Trek books that I haven't accounted for, because my memory doesn't go back that far. So this is mostly a list of "adult" books.

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