Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jan. 15, 1991 [1992]

I did something this morning. My sister thought it was hat day. I was going to tell it was Thursday, but then I told her it was today. She brought a hat today instead.

It's one week until my birthday. I will have my party at home this time. I'm sure not inviting Doug. I hate Doug.

Tonight I have guitar lessons. It was on Thursday, but we had to change it because I have scouts on Thursday.

There is snow today.


  1. Oh, they are real...all too real.

  2. "I'm sure not inviting Doug. I hate Doug." is hilare and sounds like you now.

  3. The prose of this journal surpasses that of my teenage journals. I love the sinister tone of "I did something this morning." Was I feeling guilty for pranking my sister? Or the opposite? Or both/neither?