Sunday, March 24, 2019

Made the mistake of falling asleep before I could delete the tweet in which I linked to this blog last night. There are certain things you tweet late at night that you tweet late at night for a reason. 

Anyway. Today I tried to forget about that and do some work. I went to Ridgewood and had my usual at the pizza place on Fresh Pond (chicken slice). Discovered the M train wasn't running. Walked over to Milk & Pull, passing Topos on the way, where it is always too crowded these days, never hope of getting a seat, unless, I guess, you show up in the morning and wait for them to open the door.

Got some writing done, walked to the L. Had a beer at Think Coffee in Manhattan. Then to Chipotle, then the Strand, then home. A more or less typical winter Saturday, even though it's spring. Cold and windy in the morning, then just cold later. I need it to not be cold anymore. I need to be able to walk outside comfortably, for hours on end.

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